Our Cool Name

Our name is a play on a Rankin Inlet local slang term. It is not a question but an answer, often in a playful but teasing kinda way.

Where are you going? Where did you get that from? Where will the event be? Where should we meet? Maybe Somewhere!

The name also reflects the nature of our dream boutique shop. A quaint little mobile trailer cozily stocked full of treasures created and designed by Inuit, Indigenous & Nunavummiut Artists and Designers. 

The Boutique will not only reduce overhead costs (saving customers $$$) but will also reduce the environmental impact. Doing our part to respect the environment is a key value of Maybe Somewhere. 

The Boutique will park in various locations in Rankin Inlet. Have fun finding us and finding the perfect gift or treat for yourself!

Until then, we will have "Pop-Up Shops" until we acquire the dream trailer. Once our dream comes true the fun doesn't stop there though. The Pop-Up Shops will continue by visiting other towns, events, and cities! 

Our name also compliments the products available online giving you the option to purchase cool stuff designed by owner Inuujaq, you can shop online from ...

Maybe Somewhere!



Beautiful Rankin Inlet shown in background of Photo
Model: Cas Connelly

Photo & Necklace: Inuujaq